суббота, 25 января 2014 г.

The Champion

personal work

Work "THE CHAMPION" was selected magazine 3D Artist.

Sculpt base character

Helmet working with textures

Chimp working with textures 

Chimp hair setup 

Chimp color correct
Light Room

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  1. wow amazing, can you give us a video tutorial, how to make photorealistic 3d like that

  2. many thanks
    I am sorry I do not have time to do video tutorial.

  3. alright :) but can you give me a clue, please :D

    what makes your render result look so realistic, I do a color map, spec map, and bump map, but I think it's not enough to make my render result looks good like you did

    I have some questions, I hope you can answer it
    do you use subsurface scattering or other method to make the skin?

    if you use subsurface scattering method how many layer that you use?

    what kind of light source that you use, HDR sphere or what?

    I'm sorry if I bother you? please answer if you have time, thanks before

  4. for this work, I used a standard shader sss (render Arnold).
    use map for sss
    shallow -pale color
    mid - normal color
    deep - saturation color
    diffuse - blue color (small value)
    + intensity sss map
    for lighting - HDRI map base and light painting - Area light.
    success in work :)

  5. Thank you very much, very kind of you :) success for you too